History of American Ringtail cat.

In 1998, a cat living in the bushes underneath a temporary classroom at Washington High in Fremont, California was found to be two days old. Susan Manley’s niece took this kitten home with her and it was given to Susan because of the care needed to hand raise such a young kitten. Fortunately, the kitten named Solomon grew into a healthy and happy cat.

When Susan Manley found him, he was a 2-day-old kitten who needed to be bottle-fed in order to survive, He had to be fed every 2 hours. As he grew and reached the age of 4 weeks, she noticed that he had a unique tail that would curl over his back.

Susan started a breeding program for this unique breed that was quickly realized as the modern day American Curl. The first cat that met her goal of having a curled tail was named “Sui” after Susan, but it wasn’t until many years later when other breeders had also worked on this project to create more cats with the same curl tail.

In 2005 Susan reports that a few breeders began working with her cats in 2005. The purebred, curled-tailed cats were bred with domestic shorthairs and American ringtails to create the experimental Am Ringtail breed.

This breed of cat is still considered experimental because it was only recently developed. Despite that, it has already become a popular choice among cat owners. The Ragdoll’s attractive appearance and wonderful personality make it a great family pet.

American ringtails are also curious animals. They enjoy exploring, and may analyze running water. These feral traits are considered “wild traits” because they are carried over from their original roots as a wild animal.

Physical Appearance

American Ringtails are large, muscular, and have a medium-length tail. They have long fur that is soft to the touch. The fur comes in a variety of eye colors. They also have paws with long webbed toes for climbing. The head should be slightly longer than it is wide with larger ears than medium sized.

American Ringtail cat with good physical appearance

The American ringtail is a North American species of cat. Ringtails are named for their distinctive, long, black-and-white striped tail that ends with a characteristic dark band near the tip resembling an old-fashioned key ring. They have short legs and rounded ears and they come in various colors ranging from gray to reddish brown to buff or cinnamon.

The American ringtail is a relatively large cat with an overall length of 20-27 inches (51-69 cm) and tail measuring 12 to 16 inches (30-41 cm) long. The tail is almost as long as the cats total body length. Males are generally larger than females, weighing between 8 and 15 pounds (3.6-6.8 kg).


The American Ringtail is a very social cat that bonds closely with its owner. It is also good with children and other pets. The American Ringtail can be vocal, but owners should not mistake this for being demanding or bossy. This breed enjoys spending time both inside and outside the home and likes to play. It plays frequently but does not spend the whole day sleeping. They enjoy playing in water.

American Ringtail displaying its behaviour

The American Ringtail is more likely to use its tail for balance than other cats. They do not hold their tails behind them like most cats, but instead curl it over their backs when they are walking around. While the cat is being petted, it will also hold its tail around your hand in a similar fashion as an arm.

Health and Caring

The American Ringtail is a medium sized cat that typically weighs 6-12 pounds. Their coat length is usually short to medium, though long is an option too. Brush them weekly to keep their fur healthy and soft. It’s expected that most colors and patterns will be acceptable in the breed. The average life span for this cat is 15-20 years.

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