There are many kinds of horse breeds in different parts of the world. However, some of them are rare due to limited population or other reasons. Some rare kinds include the Abyssinian horse. There are around two million horses in Ethiopia, which is more than half the total amount of horses found in Africa.

The Abyssinian horse also refer to as the Gala, Oromo Horse, or Ethiopian Horse. It is one of the oldest horse breeds on record. The Abyssinian was bred in Ethiopia in the dry regions along the coast of the Red Sea. It was exported to England as early as 1861 where it became popular with riders due to its speed and endurance. It can also be found in Sudan and the United States.

The African horse is a breed that lives in northern Ethiopia. It is most common in the Amhara Region, where it can be found around Gondar and the Semien Mountains. This breed of horse was used mainly for war by the Ethiopian army because they were extremely strong and tough.

The Abyssinian breed is also known for its intelligence. They are very talented and often used as police horses, show horses, and circus performers. Some say an Ethiopian king once attacked Egypt with a team of Abyssinian horses in his army. This breed is the oldest known horse breed, found around the Red Sea. Still today, you can find them in various areas around the Red Sea.

Abyssinian horses have a reputation for being excellent workhorses. They are known to have the willingness to do hard work, agility, endurance and strength. These traits make them good horses even for beginners.

An Abyssinian horse is a breed of horse that can work in hot weather. These horses are comfortable working in mountainous areas and are used for various activities such as dressage, show jumping and endurance riding. They are cross-bred with several different breeds but still retain several original characteristics.

These horses are bred to be strong and calm for working. They can work without any food or water, and they can work for longer periods of time. These characteristics make them unique among other breeds.

Abyssinian Horse Physical Appearance

The Abyssinian Horse breed is large in its belly, sway-backed, and poorly conformed. The horse’s tail and mane are thin. The coat of this breed is unique and features a rosette pattern. Its coat expands in swirls and points in various directions. This breed is known for their striking colors including white, grey, and chestnut.

Abyssinian with good physical appearance

The Abyssinian horse is a breed that belongs to the pony kind of horses. Their average height ranges from 13 to 13.5m, and their eyes are usually green. Horses with moustaches around their noses are common in this breed. Abyssinians are considered light horses because of their small frame.

Abyssinian Horse Behavior and Feeding

Abyssinian horses are known for their strength, endurance, agility, and willingness to eat anything.  The Abyssinian horses are very active and playful. They love people, especially children. The horses love to eat quality hay, fresh grass, veggies, some fruits and grains. The horses also like to play in the snow.

Abyssinian displaying its behaviour


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