The American Warmblood Horse is a hybrid of several European warmblood breeds, including the Thoroughbred. It was created by crossing several different warmbloods. The American Warmblood can be used for many purposes, but it was originally bred to be a show horse.

The American Warmblood is a crossbreed of the European warmbloods, Thoroughbred and Arabian. The North American sport pony registries suggest that their ponies should conform to the same standards as the warmbloods.

In the 19th century, European breeders had a couple of different types of horses. The Anglo-Norman horse was a warmblood with a good temperament and a large body size. And the Trakehner was known for its great talent for dressage and jumping.

American warmblood horse

The American Warmblood is a warmblood horse known for its athleticism, speed, and general good nature. This breed was initially bred for sporting purposes, similar to several other warmblood horse breeds. These horses are born in the USA, Mexico, or Canada and get official approval from the registry associations.

American Warmblood Horse is a warmblood horse, primarily for equestrian sport. The World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses recognizes two registries in the USA that register American Warmbloods: The American Warmblood Society & Sporthorse Registry and the American Warmblood Registry.

These horses are not temperamental. They are attentive, wilful, active, calm, and well-mannered. These qualities make warmblood horses good for beginners. These horses are an excellent breed, especially for performance shows. They put up a non-temperamental behavior on display. However, these horses are considered quite expensive.

Structure of the American Warmblood Horse

The American Warmblood Horse is a new breed of horse, created by combining the best qualities from Thoroughbreds and warmbloods. The emphasis is on the quality of each individual horse, for both registration and breeding approval. While the ideal horse for registration is already a warmblood type, there are no breed restrictions for  Warmbloods. It is not uncommon for a horse to be warm-blooded, yet, be registered in the Warmblood registry.

American warmblood with good structure

The American Warmblood Horse is usually between 152 and 173 cm high. The horse may be of any color, though the solid colors are the most common. Horses of nearly all bloodlines are eligible for registration as American Warmbloods, as long as they are of any warmblood type, and meet up with the standard.

The Warmblood has a similar body to the Thoroughbred. The shoulders of these horses are muscular and strong, and the hindquarters are quite muscular as well. Some back ends on these horses can be short, which helps them excel at certain sporting events.

Warmblood with good structure

American Warmblood Horse Diets

American Warmblood Horse are usually given a balanced diet that helps to cater to their daily nutritional needs. This is the way towards maintaining and building high-quality athletic horses.


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