Cats and Dogs can be trained to bond with each other and co-habit under the same roof; that is to say it is very possible for Cats and Dogs Bonds Together, though they are the arch-enemy we believe they can still do so but under careful supervision and planning.

Cats and dogs see each other as prey and predator because they are not from the same species of animal.

Before introducing the two pets together you have to consider the following which makes Cats and Dogs Bonds Together:

Age consideration

Puppy and kitten: A puppy and a kitten that grow up together are more likely to develop a close relationship. If you have a puppy and want to adopt a cat as your new pet, you can consider getting a kitten instead of an adult cat and vice versa. Kitten and puppy will not be afraid of each other and this will help their bonding.

Adult cat and dog: These two pets; Cats and Dogs can develop a bonding relationship between themselves if properly done in the right way. All you need to do is to properly introduce them to one another.


When bringing in a new pet make sure they are compatible and comfortable. Let the new pet match the standard of the existing pet. Don’t keep an active and playful pet with a fearful pet this will not help the bonding. The issue of compatibility has to be considered.

Tips on How to Make Cats and Dogs Bonds

Giving your dog Training

Number one ways to make Cats and Dogs Bond is by giving your dog training like teaching them to obey basic command for example come, stay, helps a lot in making your dog gets along with your cat. Because of dogs’ natural instincts, they see cats as enemies. These commands will help you to handle the interaction between the cat and the dog. Proper communication helps your dog to bond well with your cat. During the training, the dog will know that running after the cat is not tolerated.


A cat playing with a dog by covering its face

Place under Direct Supervision

Secondly how Cats and Dogs Bond is by interaction should only be allowed under close supervision for both the cat and the dog right from the start. This is just to protect the pets, watch both of them carefully and this will help to monitor their attitude whenever there is a violent or aggressive behavior towards each other and this will inform the kind of action to take.

Smelling of each other scent

Allowing the dog to recognize the cat scent and also allowing the cat to recognize the dog scent is very important, both of them have to pass through this process in order to accept each other because some animals use smell to detect what is happening in their surroundings. To achieve this, you can change their house by placing the dog in the cat’s house and the cat in the dog’s house with time both will adapt to this new system.


This is creating a safe spot for the pets. Pets love to have their own territory where they will feel safe without being disturbed by any other animals. Since both pets are territorial animals and they display territorial behavior, they should be allowed to have their own unique safe spot this will help their bonding relationship.

Creating a Barrier

This is to put a separation between them which will make them be viewing others from distance. This will reduce any aggressive or violent behavior that may arise from sighting each other. The violent attitude of the dog can make the cat feel unsafe but the barrier created will not allow them to interact together. If one animal starts to get aggressive or overexcited remove them from the situation and distract them. When both pets can see each other without overreacting, you can let them get closer to the barrier, but make sure there’s no lunging or jumping.

A cat lying on the floor with a dog


When introducing the Cats and Dogs Bonds together, make sure you did not rush it let it be done gently. You need to introduce them in slow stages and give them as long as they need in order for them to adjust.


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