The Russian Black White And Tabby Cat are cat varieties developed from the Russian Blue that were created in 1971. The original Russian Blue — a cat first seen in the 1860s, inspired all three color variations.   The original mating that produced the Russian White resulted in the Black and Tabby Russians. Because of the Russian Blue’s distinct appearance and temperament, many cat lovers sought to play around with coat color and patterning while keeping the Blue’s attractive characteristics.

Russian Black, white and Tabby cats are the product of a cross between a white Siberian cat and a Russian Blue cat in Australia. The White Siberian cat had no lineage, but she had two white kittens when she was mated to a Russian Blue. Dick and Mavis Jones of Myemgay Cattery retained one white kitten, which they called White Rose. She resembled a pure white variant of a Russian Blue when she was an adult.

The Russian black, white and tabby cat: The black cat lying down

White Rose was mated to her Russian Blue sire for the second time. She had two more White Russian kittens, both of whom were eventually matched with Russian Blue stud cats. Until the variety was firmly proven, the best white kittens were constantly bred back to Russian Blues.

In July 1975, they were granted full registration, making them eligible to compete for Championship status. The Royal Agricultural Society (RAS) Cat Club of New South Wales was granted full registration status in November 1975.

In Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa, the Russian White is fully recognized, while in the United Kingdom, numerous nations in continental Europe, and the United States, it is in varying stages of recognition. The Russian Black and Russian White were awarded championship status by the American Cat Fanciers Association in 2010. Russian Shorthair Standard (ACFA)


Russian Black White And Tabby Cat – Body Characteristics

The Russian Black White And Tabby Cat has a long body, slender legs, round-tipped wide-spaced ears, slightly oblique eyes, and a tapering nose. Russian White, Black, and Tabby cats are medium-sized cats with fine bones and a lean, athletic physique. The head should be shaped like a medium wedge. The muzzle should be blunt to match the wedge-shaped appearance of the head.


The Russian black, white and tabby cat: The black cat lying down

There should be no noticeable nose break, and the whisker pads should not be unduly prominent. The eyes should be wide apart and rounded. All Russian shorthair cat colors, including white, have brilliant green eyes; kittens may have yellow eyes that turn green by adulthood. The tails of Russian black, white and blue cats should be long and taper from base to tip.

The only genuine difference between the three Russian varieties is coat coloration; the Russian White has a sleek white coat, while the Russian Black is pure ebony, and the Russian Tabby has striped tabby patterns. The average weight of a healthy Russian is 12 pounds.

These three types, like the Russian Blue, have a double coat that is dense, plush, and sensitive to the touch, which will have helped the cat survive in the cold climates where it originated.

Various breed registries accept solid white, solid black, and tabby coloring. When they are born, Russian white kittens may have a colorful hat of darker hair on their heads. These colorful hat usually disappear when they attained full maturity.

Russian Black White And Tabby Cat Behavior

Russian Black, White, and Tabby cats are friendly and playful, but not overly so. These kittens are happy to keep their family occupied, and their high intelligence makes them entertaining companions. These Russian Black White And Tabby Cat, like their blue-haired counterparts, learn very quickly which behaviors are rewarded with pats and attention from their human close relatives, and which habits should be avoided. They share the sensitive character of the Russian Blue; a harsh reprimand is likely to upset this person’s feelings and send them into seclusion.

The Russian black, white and tabby cat: All sitting together on a couch

Russian Black White And Tabby Cat – Health

The Russian Black White And Tabby Cat is a breed that is both healthy and resilient, with a long lifespan. The breed has no known hereditary or breed-specific health issues, though bladder stones have been reported. with a 12-to-15-year average life expectancy.


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